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The Urban Gleaner and the Plastique

22 Mar

Every piece I made for this exhibition was finished in the weeks after the world lost David Bowie. His words and music have seeped into each earring and every necklace. They are to be worn with love and a sense of gay abandon. My jewellery practice is based around the use of recycled and sustainable materials. This vital personal ethos informs all of the creative choices I make. I glean materials from all sorts of places – and these days, they seem to find me as much as I find them. Aside from the obvious environmental and ethical benefits of using recycled materials, I am also drawn to the variety of colours and textures it affords.

The Urban Gleaner and the Plastique was a group exhibition of contemporary jewellery that features plastic which has already lived a life and would otherwise have been destined for landfill.

The reclaimed and found plastics are used alongside traditional jewellery materials to create wearable pieces that are beautiful, colourful and inspire dialogue on sustainable design. The maker’s concepts are diverse and continue the practice of transforming the discards of our lives into pieces.

Artists include Laila Marie Costa, Emma Grace, Marcos Guzman, Penny Jagiello and Alice Potter. The exhibition is curated by Laila Marie Costa.

February 6 – 20, 2016

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