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Ideas + Inspiration = Collaboration. Collaboration + Inspiration = Ideas. Ideas + Collaboration = Inspiration…

4 Sep

Hi friends! It’s been a little while since I last wrote to you – just when I thought my life couldn’t get any more exciting/busy/inspiring, someone turns the volume up to 11 and we’re away again on a whole other adventure!! (More about that in future blogs)

The Repair Workshops turned out even more amazing than I could have possibly wished. Two whole days of constant repairing with people streaming in the door to look, engage and be inspired. I was prepared for a good response (I’ve come to expect it after a couple of years of running The Treasury) and I was prepared for surprise, wonder and the wonderful warm fuzzies of mateship (for want of a less ‘year 12 Aus History’ term) that come along with spontaneous positive social interaction. But what really struck me silly was how much more my capacity for inspiration could stretch. After spending a week in a basement with such mind-blowing and creatively intelligent people such as the ones we had on board for The Repair Workshops, well, that’s just another level all together. I guess all of you who’ve FELT this before will know what I am referring to – COLLABORATION really is the key to greatness (not just a hipster fad).

A blur of inspiration

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