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The Repair Workshops 2.0?

30 Nov

So where do we take it from here? I’ve asked myself this question many times since wrapping up The Repair Workshops in July. The project definitely ignited people’s passion for repair and we’ve had many people inquiring about a regular repair ‘club’. But, as you know, I run The Treasury as well as my own contemporary jewellery business which, unfortunately, leaves very little time for me to drive an on-going Repair project.

Well yesterday an answer came to me in the form of an email from a bright young thing named April Seymore – she’s enthusiastic about getting this old Repair thing moving and has asked me to get involved and put the call out for interested parties to get in contact with us. So here’s a little bit more on what she’s up to… Basically, she’s working as part of a group across several organisations setting up a project called Fix It. Here’s what she has to say:

Our idea is to divert waste, build skills, and model systems-thinking by having skilled volunteers guide the public through their own repair tasks in a social atmosphere. We imagine Fix It events could be in many forms: work drinks, a BBQ, a school club, workshops, a skills auction, a stall at the farmer’s market. We envision free, fun events that create as well as repair.

Our hope is to collect some core principles, possibly create a resource library or web space, and invite the public to create their own Fix Its. There is an opportunity to launch this concept for the public at the upcoming Sustainable Living Festival, in February 2012.

To get things started, we need an array of skilled volunteers, funding, and Critical Friends. All are cordially invited to contribute, ask questions, and help us whip a viable plan together at an open meeting this Monday, 5 December, 6 pm @ ACMI Lounge in Federation Square.”

If you’re interested in coming please let me know so we have an idea of numbers. Alternatively, if you’re interested but can’t make it along on Monday, then let me know and we’ll keep you in the loop.


The Repair Workshops – DQ Video Series

22 Nov

How exciting – The Repair Workshops ‘the video’!

You can check out the full story from our lovely friends at DQ mag here.

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