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9 Aug


Designed to Fade (Printed Brass)
In 2002 Emma Grace’s Designed to Fade range began with pocket clips with excerpts from the latest fashion magazines printed on them. Catwalk forecasting, industry buzzwords, decadent fibres of the ‘it’ material are Grace’s tongue in cheek way of exploring the fleetingness of fashion and beauty. It was okay to just wear the label on the outside in the eighties, while fashion today is to embody a label. You are the advertisement. Grace’s pocket clips are a classically styled chilled reminder that fashion is day to day, and while a distant industry battles over your body’s wardrobe, Grace’s timely clips don’t take the likes of Prada’s hardships too seriously.

The fleetingness of thoughts as well as fashion are also etched on to brass using excerpts from Grace’s travel journal as well as overheard snippets of conversation, supermarket lists, jottings of a notebook and song lyrics. Grace explores the ballpoint scrawl of the mind on small wearable amulets, often accompanied by birds in flight and paw prints of migration. The nature of Designed to Fade is memetic, thoughts travel with the wearer and can be a point of communion between strangers. Each piece in this range is hand printed and every piece is unique.

Made to order.

Brass pin and chain
Brass, pin and chain

Brass print 1
Brass, pearl

Brass print 2

Brass print: Italy

Brass print: Milan

Fashion shoot

Fashion shoot

Fashion shoot 1

Fashion shoot 2

Fashion shoot 3

Fashion shoot 4

Fashion shoot 5

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